Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet the family

Here you see a picture of the family. they love eachh other and hope to make the family better and stronger. they have shared so many memories together and they go through things together but they will never separate. Lane Cook is the owner of Visionmakers International and works hard for the Family. Kathryn Cook is a teacher at the red mountain recreation center who is teaching arobics, piano and her kids. Savannah is attending zaharis elementary and is in her first year. she loves soccer, crafts, and playing with her friends. Conner is obssesed with the shows Diego, and Little einstiens. he loves to play with rockets cars and anything that can get in his hands. Sandy has recently recovered from a fight with another dog, but is feeling so much better. we all stick together and will never leave anyone behind.

Meet Kayla

Kayla Lyn Cook is 12 years old and is the oldest of 3 kids and one on the way. she attends zaharis elementary school and will attend freemont junior high. she loves to sing, dance, shop and act. she has performed in the honor coir and in the school coir. she has starred in the wizard of oz (as dorothy), peter pan (as lost boy), and in the school play in "its all greek to me"(as persephone). she loves hip hop dancing and is willing to continue it. in her final year at zaharis she is in the student council known as the spirit leader. she has a brother named Conner who is 2, a sister named Savannah who is 5 and two parents named Lane and Kathryn Cook. she has 1 dog named Sandy who is 7. she plays the piano, violin and is dying to learn the guitar! goofing off is her favorite thing to do with her friends. she lives in mesa, AZ but wants to move to CA.